Dating tiffany favrile glass

Favrile glass and enamel american indian basketry and relics, antique oriental rugs, chinese and japanese furniture & objects of art, paintings, antiquities, decorations belonging to the louis comfort tiffany foundation removed from laurelton hall, cold spring harbor, li, sold by order of the trustees public auction sale, september 24, 25, 26. In 1893, tiffany became president of the stourbridge glass company of corona, ny, and the company evolved into tiffany furnaces, where favrile glass was conceived and manufactured. A scarce pair of antique, tiffany bronze candlesticks with reticulated green, favrile glass tops and root-form legs the various candlesticks designed by tiffany were available with 12 interchangeable candlestick tops in the 1906 and 1913 tiffany catalogs, allowing for a multitude of configurations. Tiffany favrile the color and contrast on this tiffany favrile floriform vase are a step up from other examples just look at the incredible workmanship and intense colors.

“tiffany favrile glass: masterworks from the collection of stanley and dolores sirott” will survey the full range of tiffany’s favrile glass vase production, from experimental pieces made in the 1890s to the widely-admired peacock vases produced in the early years of the 20th century. Favrile glass, louis comfort tiffany's (american, 1848–1933) signature blending of colors while still in the molten state, provided him almost unlimited possibilities of shading and texture, and gave his works exquisite richness and subtlety. Dale tiffany™ favrile art glass vase the dale tiffany favrile art glass vase enhances your decor with its superb blend of form and function beautiful brush strokes swirled together and tranquil tones bring relaxed beauty to any space. Ophir gallery specializes in 20th century objects, tiffany studios, art nouveau, sculpture, decorative arts, furniture, lighting, gallé & majorelle.

A very rare louis comfort tiffany art nouveau blue favrile miniature vase in the art nouveau style and shaped like a tiny greek urn with two cute handles and flared opening top the main body is a slightly greeny/gold blue and the flared opening is a vibrant pure blue. This handsome pair of candleholders are fabricated in cast bronze and molten favrile glass in the form a stylized peacocks eye they date from the early part of the century and were created by the iconic american firm of tiffany furnaces. The beauty is in the individual piece the highest quality art glass, creating colors and finishes that is truly unique to the art of hand-blown glass dale tiffany favrile continues the same commitment to excellence through the strength and integrity of designs, quality, workmanship and service level that dale tiffany customers expect and deserve. While tiffany is famous for many types of glass, including stained glass windows, the exhibition focuses exclusively on tiffany’s favrile vases these lustrous vessels, known for their innovative forms and colors, are among the most exquisite examples of art nouveau-inspired decorative art created in this country. Favrile glass is a type of iridescent art glass designed by louis comfort tiffany it was patented in 1894 and first produced in 1896 it differs from most iridescent glasses because the color is ingrained in the glass itself, as well as having distinctive coloring.

Tiffany desk lamp #419 harp base in rich brown/green patina with a white tiffany favrile 7 shade that looks like linen when lit shade signed lct favrile, base signed and numbered great starter lamp with proper proportions sold tiffany reticulated glass and bronze table lamp base nice brown patina and original blown glass. A rare tiffany studios favrile glass vase, the body of the vase with allover decoration of peacock feathers, the eyes of the feathers articulated in rich blue glass surrounded by green adventurine, against a transparent striated background of green adventurine, deep red and amber, representing the plume, signed. This tiffany studios window was designed as a memorial to the frank family of new york and was originally installed in a mausoleum of a brooklyn cemetery the river of life theme is prevalent in tiffany landscapes created for memorials the years between 1900 and 1910 were the height of.

Dating tiffany favrile glass

Dale tiffany, inc is the world's foremost developer of tiffany, crystal, art glass lighting and accessory products from its inception, dale tiffany has searched for colors and finishes that are truly unique to the art of fine handmade glass. In 1920, tiffany's glass making studios became louis c tiffany furnaces, inc this mark is found on a piece with a more modern look in comparison to older art nouveau designs, which corresponds with the time frame of the company's name change. Be leery of glass with a paper label until you become more familiar with tiffany glass some offer an lct only, some are lc tiffany favrile, inc or deviations of that signature, and some are louis c tiffany favrile inc. Dale tiffany inc combines vibrant colors of hand-made glass with beautiful lights home perfect is an authorized dale tiffany dealer free s/h and no tax.

  • Lc tiffany decorated favrile art glass upright chimney shade in very good condition colors are better than the washed out pics shown with and without a flash.
  • Tiffany later changed the word to favrile, since this sounded better some of the distinguishing colors in favrile glass include gold lustre, samian red, mazarin blue, tel-el-amarna (or turquoise blue), and aquamarine uses favrile was the first art glass to be used in stained-glass windows.

Tiffany and arthur j nash purchase a building in corona, queens and convert it into a glasshouse to produce flat and blown favrile glass 1893 the glasshouse is separated from the company and called the stourbridge glass company, with nash as its surpervisor. The favrile glass at the museum belonged to duncan gay, one of tiffany’s numerous designers, and was donated by his descendants in 1995 gay was particularly involved in the creation of stained glass windows but also worked with glass blowers. It says lct on the bottom, and that stands for louis comfort tiffany it was made about 1905, so about the early part of the 20th century it's favrile glass.

Dating tiffany favrile glass
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